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About us

Ahmet Ozturk Ruslink

Our company was established in 1992, and for 24 years we have been shipping all kinds of goods from Turkey to Russia. Our vast experience in the field guarantees safe shipment, best possible routes, and timely services. Between 2002 and 2013 RUSLINK LOJISTIK continued to provide services in the field of customs clearance and transportation. In 2013 we extended our business as RUSLINK GROUP that now includes RUSLINK LOJISTIK (logistics), RUSLINK GÜMRÜKLEME (customs services), RUSLINK PARSIYEL (partial shipment), RUSLINK EXPRESS (courier services), and RUSLINK DANIŞMANLIK (consultancy). As of 2016 RUSLINK GROUP is enlarging its shipping geography that will now include Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries, as well as Poland and the Baltic states.

RUSLINK GROUP offers the following services: picking the cargo from your warehouse or from the warehouse of your producer, export, transfer, import in Russia and address delivery as well as receiving payment for the services rendered. Additionally RUSLINK GROUP provides full support during customs clearance procedures and export of goods not only from Turkey,but from other countries as well including Germany, Belgium, and China in the first place. We also provide transportation and warehousing services.

Professional team of RUSLINK GROUP has more than 20 years of experience in logistics rendering timely, secure and high-quality door-to-door shipping services. Our goal is to provide maximum assistance to your trade plans and ease competition within the framework of constantly changing environment. Besides we provide you with timely and high-quality services on a zero-risk market.

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